Asbestos Management Program

The University of Saskatchewan has an Asbestos Management Program (AMP) that is overseen by the Asbestos Management Program Coordinator.  The objectives of this program are as follows:

  • To identify asbestos containing materials on campus, maintain the condition of existing asbestos materials and maintain and update the existing Asbestos Inventory database
  • Communicate asbestos information to campus occupants and those who are hired to work near or with asbestos containing materials
  • Educate the university community and contractors on asbestos, its health effects, and common building materials in which it can be found
  • Train U of S trades workers how to work near or with asbestos containing materials

The AMP is a management system to control disturbance of asbestos-containing materials during demolition, renovation, alteration, maintenance, repair or other activities.

The AMP incorporates the following elements:

  • Asbestos Audits and Assessments
  • Regulatory Requirements and U of S Policies
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Notifications
  • Training Requirements
  • Emergency Response and Procedures
  • Safe Work Procedures Record Keeping
  • Contractor Requirements

The Asbestos Awareness Information Sheet provides information regarding common asbestos containing materials at the U of S, health effects of asbestos exposure, as well as identification and labeling of asbestos and contact information if you have any questions or concerns. 


Asbestos Audit

The U of S keeps a comprehensive Asbestos Inventory database of all asbestos materials on campus in order to maintain a safe work environment for all occupants.  An Asbestos Audit throughout various U of S buildings will be starting in July of 2019.  Information and laboratory data gathered during the audit will be used to update the Asbestos Inventory database and to update the existing door labels on all rooms containing asbestos. 

The following are notices that have sent regarding the Asbestos Audit.



If you are conducting any work that may disturb areas with potential asbestos containing material, an assessment to identify asbestos containing materials is required by trained and qualified personnel prior to completing the work. 

In addition, if any asbestos containing material is observed to be damaged, please report the location to the below contacts.

For any questions or concerns regarding asbestos, please contact the Asbestos Management Program Coordinator.