The Worker's Compensation Board (WCB) provides guaranteed benefits and programs to injured workers and also protects registered employers from lawsuits when a workplace injury happens (pursuant to the Worker's Compensation Act). The WCB's costs are funded entirely by premiums paid by employers. 

The WCB promotes workplace safety in the following ways:

  • WorkSafe Saskatchewan (WSS) is the WCB's partnership with the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety (OHS Division)
    • Together, the WCB and the Ministry have developed a joint injury prevention strategy for Saskatchewan 
  • Mission: Zero is the combined initiative of the Saskatchewan WCB and WorkSafe Saskatchewan
    • The University of Saskatchewan joins workers and employers across Saskatchewan who have targeted zero injurieszero fatalities, and zero suffering.
  • The WCB is also a founding partner in Safe Saskatchewan, a provincial coalition that intends to reduce the number and impact of unintentional injuries in our province. 


Safety Resources and the WCB

Safety Resources manages the claims process with the WCB to ensure proper documentation of a workplace incident and that employees are protected in the event of a workplace injury. Incidents must be reported to Safety Resources as soon as possible.

In some cases, injured workers may need to be accommodated with modified work or a gradual return-to-work program. Safety Resources supports supervisors to help these employees return to the workplace after the incident.


It is the responsibility of supervisors to provide safe working conditions and ensure that actions are taken to prevent similar incidents or injuries from occurring.