Chemical Inventory

The University of Saskatchewan is required to update their campus wide chemical inventory to ensure regulatory compliance and the safety of all students, staff, faculty and visitors on campus.


If you have chemicals in your workplace you are required under the Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations, regulation #303, to develop and maintain a list of all chemical substances used, stored, produced or disposed of in the course of work processes.


Complete the Chemical Inventory Spreadsheet and email it to no later than March 31, 2018. Please use the naming convention “building_room #_date of inventory.”

Example: Agriculture_5C03_Jan2018

Safety Resources will maintain a chemical inventory library to assist with emergency response and regulatory requirements. Chemical inventories will be kept in confidence within Safety Resources.

The University of Saskatchewan is required to update their campus wide chemical inventory every six months.  Please keep your inventory current and ready to submit biannually. 

Note: If you already have an updated chemical inventory, you may forward that to our office instead of the attached spreadsheet.  Please ensure that all required fields of the attached spreadsheet are represented, and that the naming convention “building_room #_date of inventory” is used.


If you have questions about the chemical inventory process, please contact Jeff Lindsay at 966-8495.

Should you have any chemicals that are unknown, expired, or unwanted, please contact Safety Resources to arrange for disposal at no charge.


Do I need to inventory each piece of a chemical kit, such as an ELISA kit or PCR kit?

No, with tiny volumes of reagents in the kit, just inventory the kit as one piece. Please ensure the SDS is available.

Normally, I don’t share our inventory with Safety Resources. Why the change?

Requirements from regulators and first responders for one institutional inventory has created this necessity to submit your inventory to Safety Resources.

What if my chemical does not have a CAS number? What if the item is a mixture of chemicals with multiple CAS numbers?

In these cases, you can leave the CAS number blank in the inventory spreadsheet.

Do we have to list each bottle of the same thing? For example, do we have to list each can of spray paint?

In this case, it is acceptable to bulk all items of the same type on one line and list the entire quantity. Many units maintain inventories that record the number of containers of a compounds. In this example, all spray paint can be lumped together in one line item.

What physical state do we list for compounds that can change state?

List the physical state under normal storage conditions.

What state are products in aerosols cans?

Based on Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations, aerosols should be listed as a gas.

What physical state is grease?

For the inventory, grease can be listed as a solid.

What do you use the naming convention for?

The naming convention is not for the identification of chemicals within the inventory spreadsheet itself. The naming convention should be used for the excel template/file that you submit. Please use the naming convention “building_room #_date of inventory.”

Example: Agriculture_5C03_Jan2018