Please note: This service is for U of S employees only.

Ergonomic assessments are performed as a preventative measure, or in response to an employee’s medical issues, disabilities or musculoskeletal problems.

An ergonomics assessment will evaluate the employee’s workstation for ergonomic risk factors and make recommendations based on best practices.

Ergonomic assessments are intended to fit the job to the worker by:

  • reducing the risk of musculoskeletal injury,
  • helping to accommodate temporary or permanent disabilities, and
  • improving worker comfort and productivity


Step 1: Review the Ergonomics Office Self-Help Manual

The first step is to consult the self-help manual to make changes and adjustments to your workspace. The manual provides guidelines, references and basic tools that will help you to proactively set up and adjust your workspace to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal strain and injury.

Please ensure you have completed this step before proceeding.


Step 2: Request an Ergonomics Assessment

If you have made adjustments to your workspace based on the Self-Help Manual but you are still experiencing difficulties, you may request an assessment appointment by completing the online Ergonomic Assessment Request Form.


  • Ergonomic assessments result in the provision of recommendations based on best practices
  • Ergonomic assessments are not required to purchase office furniture such as chairs and workstations:

    • Colleges and administrative units are expected to plan for periodic furniture/equipment replacements within their allocated operating budgets, including upgrades and replacements of worn, damaged or outdated office furniture or equipment.
    • Office furniture is to be procured through FMD, in accordance with the University of Saskatchewan Furniture Policy. Safety Resources also offers a list of preferred vendors for ergonomics equipment purchases
  • If accessing the ergonomics assessment request form from off-campus locations: you will need to preface your NSID with usask/ (i.e. usask/abc123) when logging into SharePoint
  • There is no charge for the evaluation and your supervisor is welcome to attend the appointment
  • For more information, contact Safety Resources or phone 306-966-4675

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