Fire Safety

Campus buildings are outfitted with fire suppression systems, including fire-rated doors, building alarms, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers.

Fire alarms are tested monthly and fire extinguishers are inspected annually.

Fire drills are scheduled in either May/June or September/October. Building evacuation is supported by local Building Chief Fire Wardens and Floor Wardens, as well as Protective Services patrol members and Safety Resources.


Fire Alarms

  • If the fire alarm sounds for LONGER than 10 seconds 

Evacuate the building as quickly as possible. To find the evaluation plan in your building, speak with your supervisor.

For any additional information, refer to the Fire Safety Plan.

  • If the fire alarm sounds for LESS than 10 seconds 

Fire alarm tests are conducted on the first Monday of each month.  This is routine fire alarm inspection and maintenance testing.  The Facilities Customer Service Centre will have notified your building when maintenance is occurring.


In the Event of a Fire

In the event of a large (uncontrollable) fire, pull a fire alarm and evacuate the building as per the Emergency Response Plan.

In the event of a small (controllable) fire, suppress with the appropriate extinguisher. Pull a fire alarm and evacuate the building if you are unsure if the fire is under control. Become familiar with the fire extinguishers in your work location, and ensure that you have the appropriate extinguisher(s) available.

If you need a fire extinguisher installed / replaced / tested, contact our Fire and Life Safety Team.