Incident Reporting

What is an incident?

An incident is any occurrence or event that may cause injury to a worker or damage to the environment. A “near miss” incident refers to any situation where there was potential for injury or damage, irrespective of whether injury or damage occurred.

1. When to complete an incident report

All incidents (including near misses) must be reported. Any person involved in an incident while engaged in activities at, or conducting work for, the University of Saskatchewan should notify their supervisor immediately and report the incident.

2. Reason for completing an incident report

Incident reports document and provide formal records of all incidents that have occurred at the university. The information gathered is important for determining the cause(s) of the incident with the goal of identifying controls that can be implemented to prevent a recurrence.

3. What action is taken after a report is submitted

Once the report is submitted, Safety Resources will process and review the incident. You may be contacted to provide additional information and/or participate in a review meeting to ensure all learnings are captured, and get your feedback on preventing a recurrence. 

4. Who should complete an incident report

Incident reports must be completed by the individual involved in the incident. This should be supported by the individual’s direct supervisor.


Faculty and Staff

Students and Public


Report an Incident (worker)


All incidents must be reported to Safety Resources.

Safety Resources will contact you should any additional documentation be required for the WCB.

1. Click on Report an Incident

2. Enter your NSID credentials to log in

If you do not have a Network Services ID (NSID), call the IT Help Desk at 966-2222.

3. Click the Report a New Incident link in the top right hand corner

A blank Incident Reporting Form will open. All fields with an asterisk must be completed. Enter information as completely and accurately as possible.

4. Click “Submit” to send the report to Safety Resources.

Ensure you always report the incident to your supervisor.

5. Your supervisor will receive a notification that you have submitted the incident.

Your supervisor will be able to view the information you have provided and is required to add their comments and findings including any action plan to prevent a recurrence.


Report an Incident (non-worker)


All incidents must be reported to Safety Resources.

Please note: only U of S employees are eligible for compensation through the WCB. 

1. Click on Report an Incident

2. Enter information on the form, as completely and accurately as possible.

3. Forward to