MSDS Management

Thank-you for your diligence in the use and management of MSSD/SDS sheets.  The CCOHS database is no longer available.  Alternatives for this service include online MSDS offerings by chemical suppliers.

Commonly Used Websites For Accessing MSDS/SDS 


Fisher Scientific

Regarding WHMIS and the management of MSDS/SDS sheets:

WHMIS requires suppliers to provide their customers with information about any material under the controlled product act.

A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)/Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a technical document specific to a hazardous material. The sheets will provide information such as hazards, controls, safe handling and storage guidelines, emergency procedures for the controlled product etc.

The MSDS/SDS is critical for developing safe work procedures or standard operating procedures involving hazardous materials. One of the key elements for developing procedures is worker education and on-going training. Education and on-going training is intended as a proactive measure and is directly related to the health and safety any individuals potentially affected by a hazardous material.  Having readily available and easily accessible MSDS/SDS sheets is essential to meeting the three basic legislative rights for workers in Saskatchewan which are the right to know, the right to participate, and the right to refuse.

In absence of a paper format, the MSDS/SDS must be accessible in a digital or electronic format. The digital or electronic format must be accessible on a laptop, computer, iPad, tablet or other such device capable of storing and displaying MSDS/SDS for all hazardous materials present.  All affected personnel must be trained in the use of the device. All MSDS/SDS sheets for hazardous products present must stored or saved in a pdf or portable document format and in a single folder on the desktop or default page labelled “MSDS/SDS”. All MSDS/SDS sheets are to be saved according to the product identification and the date the MSDS/SDS the effective date or revision date.

Example:  Sulphuric Acid Effective date July 1, 2016.

No MSDS should be older than 3 years, and must be updated within 90 days if new information becomes available.

To access the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System Manual, please click here.