Chemical Safety

The Chemical Safety Program aims to ensure the safe procurement, storage, use, and disposal of chemicals at the University of Saskatchewan. This program is designed to prevent injury / illness or property damage that can occur when chemicals are mishandled or stored improperly.



  • Contact Waste Management Facility (306) 966-8497 -- Weekdays (8 AM - 4:30 PM)

  • Contact Protective Services (306) 966-5555 -- Evenings / Weekends (24-Hour Dispatch)

  • File an incident report after the spill has been dealt with.



  • Site-specific training
    • Orientation
    • Safe work practices / Personal Protective Equipment
    • Standard operating protocols
    • Emergency preparedness
    • Proper waste disposal practices
    • Record of site-specific training (template)



For information on chemical inventory, Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and WHMIS labels, please click here.

Appropriate storage containers and locations

  • Products should be stored in original packaging (as much as possible)
  • Secondary containment is best practice (chemical-resistant tray – to catch spills)
  • Products should be organized by chemical compatibility
  • Flammable products should be kept in flammable storage cabinets

Materials for proper handling and disposal

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Secondary containment (carrying buckets, etc.)
  • Wheeled cart or dolly for short-distance transport
  • Spill kit(s) (neutralizing or absorbing materials, disposal supplies)
  • Materials for waste disposal (plastic jugs, cardboard boxes, waste stickers, etc.)

Proper disposal of all chemicals


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