Laboratory Safety

Before stepping into a laboratory, a student or worker must be aware of all the possible hazards in their laboratory. There may be multiple categories of hazard present (physical, chemical, biohazardous, radiation) and all students / workers should be trained to work safely around these hazards.



  • Contact Waste Management Facility (306) 966-8497 -- Weekdays (8 AM - 4:30 PM)

  • Contact Protective Services (306) 966-5555 -- Evenings / Weekends (24-Hour Dispatch)

  • File an incident report after the spill has been dealt with.



The following training is required for any person entering the laboratory.

For assistance in developing a local training program, contact our Safety Management System team. 



Postings/signs/information - Outside the laboratory

  • Contact names and numbers for the laboratory
  • Approved signage to indicate the presence of hazardous activities in the laboratory:
    • Biohazard materials
    • Radioactive materials
    • Elevated noise levels
    • Personal protective equipment requirements
    • Warning signage for specific hazards

Postings/signs/information - Inside the laboratory

  • Licences/permits/certifications issued by regulatory agencies
  • University issued biosafety permits
  • University issued nuclear substance permits
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Emergency response posters
  • Warning signs on equipment (e.g. flammable materials, lasers, microwaves, high voltage, pinch/crush hazards, etc.)

Safety equipment

The following equipment must be available and maintained:

 Required Documentation

The maintenance of proper documentation shows due diligence.


Posters / Resources / Information