Working Alone

Pursuant to the Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, 1996 (Section 35), every workplace must have a Working Alone / After Hours Plan in place. 

A Working Alone / After Hours Plan involves a statement of permitted / restricted work activities, safety measures, and a communication plan. These plans support the university’s working alone policy.

Supervisors are expected to oversee the creation and implementation of a Working Alone / After Hours Plan. A "workplace" refers to your immediate work location and the plan's provisions must include all persons performing similar work.

For example: All research technicians working for the same PI or laboratory manager should agree to commit to a Working Alone / After Hours Plan. Separate work locations and work activities should all have their own plans, to ensure proper communication and safe practices.


Working Alone / After Hours Plan (Generic)

Download the generic template below to create your own Working Alone / After Hours Plan.

If you have any questions, please contact the Safety Management System team for assistance.


Custom Working Alone / After Hours Plans

Contact our Safety Management System team for assistance in creating or updating your Working Alone/After Hours Plan.

Those performing higher risk work are encouraged to consult with Safety Resources to ensure safe work environments and adherence to provincial regulations.