Occupational Health Committee

In accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Act, the University of Saskatchewan has established an Occupational Health Committee to provide a forum for consultation between the University of Saskatchewan and representatives of its employees concerning health and safety issues in the University workplace. The university has two statutory committees, a central Occupational Health Committee and a specific Occupational Health Committee supporting the Plant Sciences Field Facilities and Agriculture Greenhouse.


U of S OHC Membership


Worker MembersDepartmentAffiliationPhone
Cindy Thomson College of Medicine CUPE 1975 (306) 966-4324
Anna Thompson Murray Library CUPE 1975 (306) 966-7045
Cindy Toy Veterinary Medical Centre CUPE 1975 (306) 966-7122
Bill Rafoss Political Studies CUPE 3287 (306) 262-1862
Yuliang Wu Department of Biochemistry USFA (306) 966-4360
Sarah Hoffman Department of Philosophy USFA (306) 966-6624
Edel Lopez Department of Biology PSAC (306) 321-7805
Peter Krebs College of Arts & Science ASPA (306) 966-7670
Susan Cook (Co-Chair) Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences ASPA (306) 966-7373
Management MembersDepartmentAffiliationPhone
Rob Kliewer (Co-Chair) Safety Resources Mgmt (306) 966-2370
Quintin Zook Consumer Services Mgmt (306) 966-4747
Troy Linsley Services Mgmt (306) 966-6177

U of S OHC Minutes

U of S OHC Terms of Reference



Crop Science Field Lab OHC Membership

Plant Sciences Field Facilities and Agriculture Greenhouse


Worker MembersDepartmentPhone
Gerry Stuber Kernen Crop Research Farm (306) 955-5100
Eldon Siemens Agriculture Greenhouse (306) 966-5854
Jackie Bantle Horticulture Field Lab (306) 381-8650
Thiago Prada Pulse Breeding Lab (306) 966-1915
Mike Grieman (Co-Chair) Pulse Breeding Lab (306) 966-4989
Shaun Campbell Kernen Crop Research Farm 955-5110
Russell Lawrie Durum Wheat Lab (306) 966-2653
Shelley Duncan Barley & Oat Lab (306) 966-4987
Doug Hassard Grain Innovation Lab (306) 966-5008
Marc St. Arnaud Department of Soil Science (306) 966-6858
Management MembersDepartmentPhone
Agblor Kofi (Co-Chair) Crop Development Centre (306) 966-4532
Graham Scoles College of Agriculture & Bioresources (306) 966-6631

Plant Sciences Field Facilities and Agriculture Greenhouse Minutes

Plant Sciences Field Facilities and Agriculture Greenhouse Terms of Reference


West Winds Primary Health Centre OHC – University of Saskatchewan Representative

Kevin Kobialka
Academic Family Medicine
(306) 655-4217


Station 20 West OHC – University of Saskatchewan Representative

Curtis Sanderson
Community Engagement and Outreach
(306) 966-1313