Occupational Health Committee

In accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Act, the University of Saskatchewan has established an Occupational Health Committee to provide a forum for consultation between the University of Saskatchewan and representatives of its employees concerning health and safety issues in the University workplace. The university has two statutory committees, a central Occupational Health Committee and a specific Occupational Health Committee supporting the Plant Sciences Field Facilities and Agriculture Greenhouse.


USask OHC Membership


Worker MembersDepartmentAffiliationPhone
Cindy Thomson College of Medicine CUPE 1975 (306) 966-4324
Anna Thompson Murray Library CUPE 1975 (306) 966-7045
Cindy Toy Veterinary Medical Centre CUPE 1975 (306) 966-7122
Bill Rafoss Political Studies CUPE 3287 (306) 262-1862
Yuliang Wu Department of Biochemistry USFA (306) 966-4360
Sarah Hoffman Department of Philosophy USFA (306) 966-6624
Edel Lopez Department of Biology PSAC (306) 321-7805
Peter Krebs College of Arts & Science ASPA (306) 966-7670
Susan Cook (Co-Chair) Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences ASPA (306) 966-7373
Management MembersDepartmentAffiliationPhone
Rob Kliewer (Co-Chair) Safety Resources Mgmt (306) 966-2370
Quintin Zook Consumer Services Mgmt (306) 966-4747
Troy Linsley Services Mgmt (306) 966-6177
Rick LeBlanc People and Resources Mgmt (306) 966-6706

USask OHC Minutes

USask OHC Terms of Reference



Plant Sciences Field Facilities OHC Membership

Plant Sciences Field Facilities and Agriculture Greenhouse


Worker MembersDepartmentPhone
Gerry Stuber Kernen Crop Research Farm (306) 955-5100
Eldon Siemens Agriculture Greenhouse (306) 966-5854
Jackie Bantle Horticulture Field Lab (306) 381-8650
Thiago Prada Pulse Breeding Lab (306) 966-1915
Mike Grieman (Co-Chair) Pulse Breeding Lab (306) 966-4989
Shaun Campbell Kernen Crop Research Farm 955-5110
Russell Lawrie Durum Wheat Lab (306) 966-2653
Shelley Duncan Barley & Oat Lab (306) 966-4987
Doug Hassard Grain Innovation Lab (306) 966-5008
Marc St. Arnaud Department of Soil Science (306) 966-6858
Management MembersDepartmentPhone
Agblor Kofi (Co-Chair) Crop Development Centre (306) 966-4532
Graham Scoles College of Agriculture & Bioresources (306) 966-6631

Plant Sciences Field Facilities and Agriculture Greenhouse Minutes

Plant Sciences Field Facilities and Agriculture Greenhouse Terms of Reference


West Winds Primary Health Centre OHC – USask Representative

Kevin Kobialka
Academic Family Medicine
(306) 655-4217


Station 20 West OHC – USask Representative

Curtis Sanderson
Community Engagement and Outreach
(306) 966-1313