Office Ergonomics

Step 1. Discuss options with your supervisor

If you are experiencing discomfort at your computer workstation, notify your supervisor to determine available options within your department (different chairs, keyboards, document holders, etc). Your department is responsible for accomodating your needs at work.

** An ergonomic consultation is not required to purchase approved office furniture **

  • Visit the Quick Pick Furniture List for more information on approved furniture options
  • Furniture and equipment purchases are the responsibility of your department
  • Chairs and ergonomic furniture owned by your department may be moved around to accomodate employees
  • Many approved items can also be procured through IT Acquisitions


Step 2. Adjust your own workstation!

After completing this short course, you will be able to set up and adjust your own workstation.


Step 3. Refer to the Healthy Workstation Guide

Refer to our Healthy Workstation Guide to reinforce the information presented in the online course.


Step 4. Office Ergonomics Support

Tried everything above and still having issues? Contact our Ergonomics Support Team to review any concerns and determine the next steps.

NOTE: An ergonomic consultation relies on the individual having taken the online training. 


FAQ - How Do I...

... buy new office furniture?

Review and select an item from the Quick Pick Furniture List and purchase directly from the supplier. Furniture and equipment purchases are the responsibility of your department.

  • If your total order is under $10,000, please place your order with a PCard.
  • If your furniture order is over $10,000 or contains items NOT found on the Quick Pick Furniture List, then please fill out this online form with details of your request.

For any questions regarding furniture purchases, please contact Facilities Support Services at or (306) 966-4496. 

NOTE: An ergonomic consultation is not required to purchase approved office furniture


... know when I need new office furniture?

  • Your chair should:
    • be reasonably modern
    • have ergonomic adjustment features available (see example here)
    • be in working condition / good repair
  • Your desk should:
    • have room for your computer monitor and all of your working items (documents, telephone, etc.)
    • measure between 29 - 31" tall
    • allow room to move around your office
    • have a keyboard tray attached for proper positioning
  • Your computer should:
    • have adjustable monitors (height and desk position)
    • not just be a laptop (external monitors and keyboard / mouse recommended)
  • Your keyboard and mouse should:
    • fit on your keyboard tray
    • be suitable for your line of work (number pad accessible or removable)


... adjust my current office chair?

Register for Office Ergonomics Online Training and work through the steps to adjust every moving part on your chair.

Find the user manual for your chair below:


... obtain a keyboard tray?

Keyboard trays are supplied and installed for free for employees of the University of Saskatchewan.

Contact Facilities online:

  • Select “Request a Service
  • Select “Repairs or Maintenance”;
  • Fill in the blanks and state that you would like “a keyboard tray supplied and installed"


... remind myself to take small breaks?

We encourage all employees to incorporate movement into their day, whether they are experiencing strain from sitting or not. An easy way to encourage this is to use a break-reminder app on your phone, or to install “stretchly” on your campus computer.

To install “stretchly”:

  • Open the “Software Centre” on your Windows desktop computer
  • Search for “stretchly
  • Download and install

The app can be set to run when a person logs in and it will remind them to take breaks (5 minute breaks every 30 minutes) and micro-breaks (20+ second breaks every 10 minutes).