Office Ergonomics

Step 1. Talk to your supervisor

If you are experiencing discomfort at your computer workstation, notify your supervisor to determine available options within your department (different chairs, keyboards, document holders, etc). Furniture and equipment purchases are the responsibility of your department. Many items can be procured through IT Acquisitions.

Step 2. Sign up for Office Ergonomics Training

After completing this free online training, you will be able to set up and adjust your own workstation.

Step 3. Refer to the Healthy Workstation Guide

Refer to our Healthy Workstation Guide to reinforce the information presented in the online course.

Step 4. Office Ergonomics Support

After completing steps 1 - 3, contact the Ergonomics Support Team if you require more information or have other ergonomic concerns. A team member will contact you to provide recommendations.


Quick Info

Office Chair Adjustments

The University of Saskatchewan offers four adjustable office chairs for purchase through Facilities Stores. Each chair is ergonomic and can be adjusted to fit the user.

Find adjustment information for your office chair below:

Keyboard Trays

Keyboard trays are supplied and installed for free for employees of the University of Saskatchewan. Contact Facilities online:

  • Select “Request a Service”
  • Select “Repairs or Maintenance”;
  • Fill in the blanks and state that you would like “a keyboard tray supplied and installed"

Keyboards and Mice

Visit IT Acquisitions (Lower Place Riel) or your preferred vendor for options.


Break Reminder Software

Computer-based employees are often faced with high work demands, frequent interuptions, and the tendency to remain at their desk for long periods of time. It has been found that taking frequent short breaks help to improve our health, mood, and overall efficiency at work.

"Stretchly" is a simple computer application designed to encourage frequent breaks. This app can run in the background and provide reminders to stretch, drink water, rest your eyes, take deep breathes, and get up & move. 

All campus computers can download the "stretchly" app from the Software Centre. 

To install:

  • Open the Software Centre on your computer
  • Click on the "stretchly" app
  • Download and install

Try it today!