Workplace Inspections

Regular workplace inspections must be completed to ensure proactive management of workplace hazards. Inspections of workplaces are also required by law (Saskatchewan Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (28 (1)). Workplaces must be able to produce evidence of inspections upon request. Evidence of a workplace inspection is kept in a completed Inspection Report.

Workplace inspections are facilitated by your relevant Local Safety Committee. All areas of campus buildings are to be inspected routinely (e.g. laboratories, classrooms, offices, public spaces, etc.).

Inspection participants typically include:

  • Local supervisors (area / lab managers)
  • Local Safety Committee members / Occupational Health Committee members
  • Facilities SBAs
  • A member of Safety Resources

The results of a workplace inspection are shared with the inspection participants and the relevant local members (area managers). Documentation of inspections is maintained by your relevant Local Safety Committee.

If you would like to know when your workplace was last inspected or would like to arrange for a workplace inspection, please contact our Safety Management System team.


Laboratory Inspections

As laboratories typically include hazardous substances, routine self-inspections of laboratories are encouraged (occurring between Local Safety Committee inspections).

Use the laboratory self-inspection checklist to help guide you through what to look for.

NOTE: Biosafety and radiation safety inspections / audits are facilitated by our BSO and RSO, respectively.