Respiratory Safety Information

Respiratory Safety Program

Consultation is available to all University of Saskatchewan personnel.

Safety Resources can assist with:

  • Questions about respiratory protection;
  • Choosing the right respirator;
  • Procuring / buying respirators; and
  • Booking a fit test for your new or existing respirators


Fit Testing


At the University of Saskatchewan, fit testing is required every two years for all respirators. 

   Date: Every Wednesday (no appointment necessary)

   Time: 8:00 – 11:00 AM

   LocationResearch Annex, Room 150 (Entrance B)

Fit testing includes:

  • Introduction to respiratory safety;
  • Selection of appropriate respirator;
  • Consulting on when to use your respirator;
  • Ensuring the respirator fits properly;
  • Ensuring workers know how to use the respirator;
  • Ensure workers can perform seal checks; and
  • Ensuring users know how to inspect, maintain, and store their respirator


For further accommodation or information, contact Safety Resources at 306-966-4675 or email

Respirators protect the user by filtering out harmful contaminants from the air and are called Air-Purifying Respirator’s (APR). APRs include half and full-face types. Some APR’s protect the user against particulates and/or multiple types of gases which filter out chemical vapors and/or fumes. Other respirators protect the user by providing clean respirable air using a self-contained or supplied air breathing system.

The main respirator types used on campus include:

  • Disposable particulate respirators  (often referred to as “N95s”);
  • Half-face respirators; and
  • Full-face respirators.