Safety Equipment

Obtaining Safety Equipment

Safety equipment or personal protective equipment (PPE) is an appropriate preventative and protective measure to manage a hazard when all other measures have been exhausted. Selecting and purchasing personal protective equipment is the responsibility of the work unit (department / working group / principle investigator, etc.).

Selecting preferred vendors 

Safety equipment or PPE can be purchased from a variety of local vendors and university stores/supply centres. Fisher Scientific is a preferred supplier for many laboratory-based supplies and can also supply safety equipment and PPE. 

NOTE: Respiratory protection must be properly fit tested before use.

Contact Safety Resources for assistance in:

  • Selecting safety equipment or PPE;
  • Fit testing of respiratory protection;
  • Identifying an appropriate preventative and protective measure for a hazard in your workplace.

For more information, contact Safety Resources.


Testing Safety Equipment

The following safety equipment is tested by Safety Resources:

  • Fire extinguisher – inspection - annual
  • Fumehoods – faceflow velocity - annual
  • Respiratory protection – fit testing – offered every Wednesday
  • Harnesses (fall protection) – offered on demand
  • AEDs – monthly

Other safety equipment must be inspected, tested and / or maintained by members of your working group. This includes:

  • Eyewashes and safety showers in laboratories
    • Eyewash testing log and SOP available here
    • Safety shower testing procedure available here
  • Biosafety cabinets / laminar flow hoods
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) (e.g. lab coats; gloves; eye and face protection: glasses / goggles / face shield)

For more information on testing safety equipment in you workplace, contact Safety Resources